Sawadee Ka (Warm Greetings)

Welcome to Freshly Thai. We are pleased to be bringing the best of our native Thailand to you in the heart of downtown Brampton.

World famous Thai (Siamese) culinary history dates back hundreds years. Thai Cuisine is quite unique and distinctly identifiable from Chinese and other Asian cuisines. Through it’s history, Thai people have  regularly incorporated the healthiest herbs and spices into it’s food.  They also include all 5 tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and spicy to delicately create their own Thai-cooking style.

The fragrant blend of Thai herbs and unique recipes makes Thai food one of the most distinctive, delicious and popular cuisine in the world. 

The successful preparation of Thai Food depends on crisp ingredients cooked as quickly as possible.   Our food is fresh, healthy and comes with less fat then most other cuisines. Our cooking methods make a big difference.

Here at Freshly Thai, we are committed to providing the highest quality foods, herbs and spices, most importantly healthiest meals. We want you to have a memorable experience each and every time you come through our door. Our friendly, knowledgeable guest-service staffs are here to guide you through the journey of Thailand and its savoury cuisine.

Call us today for your authentic Thai dining experience. Catering, Party tray and Private function are also available.

For reservations and more information please call : 905-453-1515.

Kob Kun Ka (Thank You).

Suporn-Robert, Pan and Rin


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